£100 Pokemon Mystery Box

Pokemon Mystery Box – £100

£100 Pokemon Mystery Box


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Pokemon Mystery Box – £100




  • 2 Single Cards
  • 6 Booster Packs (English, Japanese)
  • 2 Mystery Packs (Each Mystery Pack Contains 20 Cards, With At Least 2 Hits In Each Pack)
  • 2 Graded Cards (PSA, UGC) (Guaranteed a PSA 10 card)
  • Japanese Pokemon Sweets

2 reviews for Pokemon Mystery Box – £100

  1. Lynsey Greenway

    We brought this £100 box whilst at geek fest in Cornwall .. Well worth the money! Two graded cards including a PSA 10 Japanese one. Great selection of packs inside! So many decent pulls, my two sons absolutely loved Pokémon Japanese snack included too!

  2. pokematty88 (verified owner)

    Awesome 👌 I’m always proud of these boxes, yesterday pulled a UGC Mint+ 9.5 Mewtwo GX Sun & Moon Hidden Fates and a PSA Gem Mint 10 Japanese Sun and Moon ARCS/DLGS/PALKIA GX Tag Team Alter Genesis, the single cards where M Venusaur ex from XY Base set and a Japanese Pikachu v Charizard Gym Challenger Promo, x1 of my booster packs was a Sword & Shield Rebel Clash x1 Japanese VStar Universe booster pack x2 Japanese 151 booster packs x1 Japanese Shiny Treasure ex booster pack which I pulled secret rare charizard from it, I kept the VStar and Rebel Clash booster packs and put them towards my sealed collection

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